Cocoon GetTogether 2005 is over

Posted on Mon 10 October 2005
The Cocoon GetTogether 2005 is over. You can find all the presentation slides and audio recordings on the CocoonGT website, and many photos on Flickr.

Three days of vivid activity and discussions that confirm the trends seen recently on the mailing-lists:
  • Reducing Cocoon. Download a minimal Cocoon, and upgrade it with the modules you need (Daniel's presentation about blocks and OSGi).
  • Simplify development. Cocoon is currently a platform where newcomers are frightened by the number of options and features they are given. We will provide sample applications and RoR-like code generators to kick-start your applications and promote best practices (Andrew's presentation).
  • Ajax. That was a hot subject, because it changes the way we design applications and because it is fun. A number of cool features were written during the hackaton (presentation by moi!).
  • Strengthen Cocoon's position as a RAD platform in a J2EE world. This includes autoreloading and autocompiling classoaders (great presentation by Torsten) and bridging all major component containers.
  • Cocoon as a platform for high-load and mission-critical applications (the performance track by Jack, Vadim and Nico).
  • And finally, Cocoon is not obsolete! The keynote showed how, even if Cocoon's original vision is now aging, it has evolved a lot and today's Cocoon is definitely alive and kicking.
Many thanks to Arjé and the Hippo team for organizing this great event! It was nice to meet once again all the Cocoon crowd!

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