MacBook has arrived!

Posted on Mon 08 May 2006
Yeah! I've been using a new shiny MacBook Pro since last Thursday. And, well... it's so common to say that now: it's fast! It's very fast! I opted for the 2GHz CPU, with 2 Gb of RAM and a speedy 7200 rpm 100 Gb hard drive.

I'm doing a clean install rather let the OS migrate all my stuff from my old PowerBook. This gives me the occasion of a big spring cleaning :-)

So far, the experience has been positive. Rosetta does a good job and PowerPC apps are running smoothly despite being in an emulated environnement. Of course, I upgraded many apps to use their universal binary version. That includes Firefox and Eclipse, but not yet Thunderbird.

Wifi reception wasn't that great on the PowerBook, as the antennas were too small (5 cm on each side on the screen). Apple learned from that, and has moved the antennas to the screen hinge, which now makes them way more sensitive. I can now stay connected from the far end of my garden (40 m away)... and also see my neighbor's wifi :-)

The electronic whining noise that has been reported happens sometimes, but isn't really a problem, especially when PCs with their noisy fans are not far away!

The only annoying thing is that a small "bong" or "clunk" noise happens every minute or so apparently from the hard drive. This happens only during moderate use, i.e. not during idle periods nor during disk-intensive operations. Could this be a disk head parking noise? Do other people hear that also? I hope I won't have to change the disk...

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