Google SketchUp

Posted on Wed 10 May 2006
A few days ago, Google has released SketchUp, an amazing 3D-modelling application that allows you to build a nice representation of your house in no time. SketchUp was developed by a company Google bought 2 months ago.

This is certainly cool, but the question is why... Why did Google bought that company? Why do they add this tool to their already heterogeneous set of desktop applications? Sure, SketchUp allows you to build the model of your own house and add it to Google Earth. But what's the associated business?

Or does Google want to use Google GEarth as the base of a virtual life environment, where everybody can build and buy houses? Something like Second Life, but connected to your GMail, GBase, GDestkop, and using AdSense advertisements as textures on your virtual walls?

Anyway, SketchUp is a very cool tool, and its ergonomy to create and manipulate the 3D-model is really impressive. Unfortunately, the Macintosh version is "Coming Soon"...

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