Google buys Jot. What does this mean for Dojo?

Posted on Sun 05 November 2006

So after Writely, Google has bought Jot. Where will that end?

The interesting thing in Jot is that their products are based on the Dojo toolkit of which they heavily sponsored the development. How will Google will integrate this with their GWT? Will we have a Java-based programming model for Dojo widgets? That would be an interesting addition to GWT, since Dojo is incredibly feature rich, but at the same time it would hide some of this richness which lies both in the nice JavaScript library Dojo provides, and the markup-based use of widgets that makes writing fancy UIs really easy.

I'm personally not convinced by the "write a JavaScript user interface in Java" model of GWT, but it can allow a massive acceptance of advanced web UI techniques by "corporate developers" to which it hides all (or most of) the portability problems you have to be very careful of when doing client-side JavaScript, even with a high-level library with Dojo.

So in the end, if a GWT+Dojo comes to life, it will be a very nice weapon against Microsoft's platform, providing a consistent platform based on Java.

But that also means that Google has to completely opensource GWT!

Spring switching to Maven? Oh no, think twice!

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