Baggage restrictions: don't be surprised if I'm not shaved

Posted on Mon 06 November 2006

Update: Benjamin points me to one of the plain stupid situations these restrictions lead to.

Here they are: after the London alert last August, the new hand haggage restrictions on european flights. I'm not sure this will actually enhance security in any way, since many people have explained that building explosives in flight with the raw materials is a very difficult operation, if possible at all. So this is an additional annoyance for passengers.

The 100ml restriction basically means I cannot take my shaving cream with me, since it comes in 125ml sprays. Since I fly mostly to work with geeks that shave only once in a while that isn't really a problem, but I'm an old-fashioned geek that likes to be cleanly shaved. The solution would be to buy an electric shaver, but I don't like that.

Anyway, next time I'll try to fly with my usual spray, and we'll see if I go to jail for that. Cream shaver manufacturers, a new market opens: small sprays containing less than 100 ml...

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