What should I do with my old Macs?

Posted on Mon 13 April 2009

I have two very old Macintosh computers in my basement: a Mac SE bought in 1987 and a PowerMac 7200 bought in 1995. I also have hundreds of floppy disks for these computers, with all sorts of games and utilities, including the very first versions of Word and Excel!

These computers are still functionning, but what can you do with these except powering them once in a while to show kids how slow and limited they were compared to today's computers? Also, most probably many of the floppies have lost their data.

So what should I do? Trash them? They represent so many memories and so much time spent staring at their screens. That's a difficult decision, but they are taking to much space! My old Apple IIe, bought in 1984, is still alive, but is still at my parent's house. They ofen tell me to take it back, so asking them to host my old Macs seems out of question :-)

I think that at some point you have to consider that time has passed, and bury those old things that you once loved. Note that I had absolutely no problem trashing my old PCs!!!

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