Looking for a J2ME developer in France

Posted on Wed 15 April 2009

At Goojet we are developping applications for the mainstream mobile platforms, currently J2ME, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, and Symbian in a near future. These applications are essentially enhanced web mobile browsers, supporting the mobile widgets and social features brought by our platform.

Our J2ME application is the most complex because this environement is very low level, and we're currently looking for a talented and experienced J2ME developer to grow our mobile development team.

The job includes writing efficient graphic rendering of HTML content (there's no WebKit on J2ME as we have on other platforms) and usage of optional J2ME APIs such as camera, location and video while ensuring the portability on the wide range of phones we support.

Being able to work in our offices in Toulouse would be a big plus.

Update: we hired a developer, so please do not apply anymore!

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